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Praying For Beau

RIP Beau.. 25-04-2009

Rachel Richter, photographed baby Beau in October 2008 on behalf of the Australian Charity of Child Photographers.
Beau has Type 1 SMA Babies diagnosed with SMA typically do not live past 12 months of age
You can visit his Facebook page here.
Beau is 10.5 months old and really struggling, Beau lost his battle this morning

Rachel was/is organizing a gallery filled with “I’m praying for Beau” photos.

Here’s where you come in…. (from Rachel's blog)

Take a photo that includes the words “I’m praying for Beau”. The creativity is up to you.
Your photo to represent you or your family or your home etc. I want to get photos from all over Australia…the world.
You could have your child hold up the words on a sign. You could write the words in the sand. Your could draw them with chalk on the concrete.
You could sky-write in a plane….okay, maybe not, but you get the idea
Your photo does not have to be a work of art - it’s the thought that counts.
If you could PLEASE spare the time to take a photo, I would appreciate it greatly.
You can e-mail your photo to - rachelrichter@optushome.com.au or upload direct to Beau's Facebook page -here

From our family to yours,



A Creative Photography Day @ A Creative Place

Today, Andrea and i held 2 photography classes at A Creative Place

The second was more of a hands on affair, we had loads of fun, kind of a free for all, with all kinds of cameras- both point and shoot cameras as well as DSLR's.. Thanks again to all that attended..

Heres to a New Week -Enjoy...

X Mel


Family Holiday

We all went on a family holiday......

Back from visiting family over the holiday break, catching up on emails...

Just updated the classes for end of April and May....

The website, is in the throws of an overhaul, please bear with us, for all up to date class info including dates, please refer to the blog...

Enjoy your weekend..

X Mel


Our Class Info for the Show...

We are teaching in Classroom 6. 3 classes over 3 days..

Class 1: Creative Steps - The Process of Editing
Class 2: Photography Basics - How to Use Your Camera & Take Better Photos
Class 3:Digi Scraps 101

All 3 classes have a hands on element, for Class 1 and 3, we provide you with an individual laptop and Wacom Graphics Tablet to use during the class.

All 3 classes on all three days booked out last year, so get in early to book your place. The class content varies slightly in each class to what was shown and taught last year..

Sara, Andrea and I cannot wait to see you - once you have booked in, feel free to send us an email..

X Mel


Scrapbook Expo - 6th -8th June 2009 - We'll be there....

Great news..... Point Shoot Play will be teaching at the Scrapbooking Expo, over the June long weekend (6th,7th & 8th)... We are teaching 3 classes.. This will be Sara's official Welcome Back after Baby....

Bookings for our classes went live today... Check out www.scrapbookexpo.com.au for more info.. Once, you have booked in, drop us an email...

See you at the Show...

XX Mel


Update on Baby James (and Miss Sara)....

To say that we have had a few requests for updates on Sara and the bubs, would be an understatement... Above is James-hasn't he grown, isn't he adorable.. Oh, Sara is doing well - busy as usual (you can catch great tips and tricks on Photography by Sara in Scrapbooking Memories) we hope to see Sara back on board teaching in June.. But before then, keep popping back, as we have a few bits n pieces to share...